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Rev. Dr. Plez and Mrs. Brenda Lovelady established Southside Baptist Church and Beaulah Bible College in 1995. Dr. Lovelady teaches in the United States and abroad, with students in Texas to Africa.  Dr. Lovelady is a dedicated and gifted teacher. He serves the community and speaks at Faith Mission every third Sunday at 7PM.  
The Lovelady's vision is to expand the church and college campus to continue the work God began. Their faith will allow them to see the manifestation of God’s work. ​
Southside Baptist Church is an affiliate of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Our Pastors

Dr. Plez Lovelady                            
  • Senior Pastor
Dr. Scott Davis                      
  •  Associate Pastor  
Dr. Michael Sutton  
  • Associate Pastor 

We believe

Jesus is the Son of God
Eternal Salvation
Immaculate Conception
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