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Strength for Today 

No Justice. No Peace

Micah 6:8

Author: Plez Lovelady, PhD

Sin is humanity's original act of disobedience against God, and this is seen when Adam "willfully disregarded God's righteousness. Sin is an issue as ancient act, and yet it's as current as the latest "blog," "post," text," or "tweet." Sin in its origin is "alienation" against God, but again it's about "sibling against sibling harm" that's been going on since Genesis 4:7.

It wasn't enough that Cain killed his brother Abel, but it was his "shrug attitude" when God confronted him about the crime he'd committed against his brother when he responded, "Am I my brother's keeper?" No repentance. Today that same "satanic smugness" is apparent.
Cain's issue back then is the same as our issue today. because God is waiting for humankind to "repent," and respond to Cain's smugness and say, "I am my brother's keeper!" We need to understand three things:


  1. Who we are in Christ.

  2. Whose we are in the family of God

  3. There is no such thing as "supremacy of race," but the "one race" God created for His purpose.

Hence, our purpose here isn't to be competitive because our stay here on earth is a "shared journey." And until that's understood, we'll continue being on that "murderous merry-go-round" of "biased blame" and "indifference," and "unrest," which doesn't help any of us sleep at night.

Here we are in 2021, on February 20, in the middle of a "deadly pandemic" "inciting one another to hate." Hate is a virus that'll take your breath away, and it doesn't care who carries it or who catches it. And the only immunity to it is love. Like it or not, we are in this thing together. Therefore, hasn't "corona" taught us that it's going to get worse before it gets better, unless we "faithfully pray" it out and make it better together, as "keepers of one another for Christ Jesus?

Because the problem of original sin isn't just the problem of "murder" and "violence," it's a problem of an "evil," "murderous spirit" rooted in the "misunderstanding" of our "interconnectedness as human beings." We, as a "race of people," need to know that there's no "individual peace" without "collective justice."

So, let's seek and pray to the Lord for understanding. Until we know justice, through Jesus Christ, we'll not know His peace. And until we understand that we're all made in the divine image of God, we'll not be able to know or do justice. Let's seek it, let's pray for it, let's spread it until justice goes viral and peace is a pandemic. Until Jesus comes back, Let us, "... do justly, and love mercy, and to walk humbly with the God" - Micah 6:8.

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